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Whether to Use Whether or If

Regardless of whether to Use Whether or If Regardless of whether to Use Whether or If Regardless of whether to Use Whether or If By Mark Nichol In some cases, with regards to settling on utilizing the word whether and utilizing the word if, the right decision is self-evident: â€Å"I don’t know whether to turn the broiler handle left or right† is clearly off-base, however the nearly indistinguishable explanation â€Å"I don’t know whether I should turn the stove handle left or right† is adequate. In any case, in such a case that infers likelihood, and whether demonstrates a decision between options, in formal composition, the last is increasingly suitable. Additionally, â€Å"I don’t recollect whether I turned the broiler off† is right, but since â€Å"I don’t recall whether I turned the stove off† all the more unmistakably communicates that two options exist, it is better in formal settings. â€Å"Turn the stove off on the off chance that you are leaving† is a contingent sentence it includes likelihood, not decision and hence if is right. However, â€Å"Turn the stove off whether you are leaving† passes on two other options, so whether is better. Note additionally the inclusion of the expression â€Å"or not† into the sentence: When the feeling of whether is â€Å"regardless of the conceivable alternatives,† incorporate the expression. Be that as it may, in such developments as â€Å"I don’t recollect whether I turned the broiler off,† in light of the fact that whether as of now has a feeling of â€Å"yes or no,† â€Å"or not† is excess. The expression â€Å"as to whether† to mean â€Å"about whether,† as in â€Å"I am hazy with respect to whether a choice has been made,† is right, however it’s a pointless convention; â€Å"about whether† will do. The expression is additionally fairly punctilious in developments, for example, â€Å"The question concerning whether it will do any great hasn’t been answered.† Simplify to â€Å"Whether it will do any great hasn’t been determined.† At the point when whether follows a thing, for example, choice, issue, or question, it ought to do only that, without the expression of mediating, if the expression shows up in a sentence, for example, â€Å"They will settle on a choice whether we’re there or not.† (â€Å"Or not† is important here in light of the fact that the feeling of whether is â€Å"regardless.†) But on the off chance that the sentence structure is something like â€Å"It’s an issue of whether they’re qualified† (here, â€Å"or not† is unnecessary), of is fundamental. Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin accepting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Misused Words classification, check our famous posts, or pick a related post below:7 Classes and Types of PhrasesConfusing Went with PastPractice or Practice?

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Waleed Allohaibi Essays (946 words) - Architecture,

Waleed Allohaibi 11 May 2017 Old style Greek Architectures versus Medieval Gothic Architectures Taking a gander at the plan of various structures all through the world, one may not understand the magnificence of the workmanship in every one of them or the beliefs on which they were built. For instance the old style Greek period, 480 BCE - 330 BCE that held the goals of request, parity, and God like flawlessness. This sort of dreamer engineering is found in the Parthenon sanctuary worked in 447-432 BCE ( The sanctuary is worked in tribute for the Goddess Athena, Goddess of war and insight. It is a post and lintel structure with segments designed in Greek Doric style. There are likewise the delightful church buildings worked during the Middle Ages in gothic style that give society understanding into the way of life of that age. The engineering of these occasions were vigorously affected by religion and Christianity and intended to lift the soul of man toward God (Apollo Group, Inc., 2016). One case of this time is the building configuration is the Amiens Cathe dral. Initially inherent 1152 BCE yet was annihilated by fire; recreation began in 1220 CE and was finished in 1245 CE (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, 2016). In the structure of this house of prayer it is apparent that the modeler is impacted by the Christian religion, from the three openings speaking to the trinity and the center entrance decorated with a sculpture of Christ, it was worked as a position of love. These momentous structures, each a bit of craftsmanship, are both worked with divine expectations, remain as a conspicuous difference to one another, affected by the way of life of the age. Albeit both exemplary Greek and gothic structures are worked to characterize the goals and convictions of their age and have contrasts, the great Greek design of request and parity has impacted and are utilized inside the gothic medieval developments. There are contrasts between the formal and complex attributes of the exemplary Greek engineering and t he gothic design of the medieval age. Great Greek design is made of stone laying on stone with only weight holding them together. This is best exemplified in Greek sanctuaries, for example, the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a post and lintel structure, worked of limestone and marble, which were the basic structure materials of that age (Sporre, 2015). Utilizing these sorts of materials restricted the designer's utilization of room. All together for the structure to remain without the rooftop crumbling numerous sections were expected to hold the rooftop up. These sections, known as Doric segments in light of their style, were made of marble and the weight of the stone rooftop laying on them held them together. The Parthenon was with numerous wonderful states, from the metopes that are a progression of cut boards shaping the Doric frieze recounting accounts of the history and skirmishes of the Gods, to the transcending sculpture of the Goddess Athena for which it was constructed. The Pa rthenon and other Greek sanctuaries were intended to be venerated from the outside as a focal point of the city, a landmark to the Gods of that age. Gothic engineering, in contrast to exemplary Greek, utilized stone brick work. By utilizing stone brick work they had the option to make curves and redistributed the weight of the stones empowering the structures to be fabricated taller. They likewise made what is known as a support and utilized this to hold up dividers and curves as fortification. Gothic engineering was viewed as ethereal and concentrated on the utilization of room (Sporre, 2015). A lovely case of gothic engineering was the Amiens Cathedral. Transcending into the sky, with solid curves, balanced lines, and resplendent workmanship, this church building was a show piece for the city in which it was constructed and oozed otherworldliness. These houses of God were intended to move one to look toward the sky with incredibly high roofs and elaborate stain glass window set de liberately toward the rooftop makes one look upward. Like great Greek sanctuary, they were decorated with lovely sculptures. In any case, the states were of the Christian Saints, and different strict imagery. The Amiens Cathedral was implied as spot to enter and adore, just like all church building of the medieval period. Despite the fact that there are contrasts between these two styles of engineering,

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Roman legionnaire essays

Roman legionnaire papers A typical day for a Roman warrior was hard and extreme in any event, for the strongest men. The men were detracted from their families, companions and away from their soothing country. They were relied upon to secure the territories situated all through the realm. Some near and dear others far, far away. These men must be equipped for suffering factious locals in remote nations, who were protecting their countries from attack. A trooper was relied upon to set out on exhausting walks across boorish dangerous territory in the harshest climate conditions. After this the officer would then need to battle a long and troublesome fight. Over this they warriors needed to comply with all requests without addressing, regardless of what the circumstance in question. Through an assessment of the essential preparing in enrollment, the business openings during peacetime, paces of pay, and discipline; one will effectively observe what the life of a Roman officer comprised of. So as to join the military one would need to experience various physical exercises in preparing. The initial step of essential preparing that enlist would experience is to be shown the military pace for walking. A warrior would regularly walk gigantic separations in a limited time period, because of this an enroll would be told to walk twenty roman miles in less than five hours at military pace. After that has been arrived at they would be told to walk at full pace and they should cover twenty-four roman miles in a similar time period. Physical preparing likewise had its place among the warriors day. Notices of running, bouncing (both long hop and high hop), swimming, and conveying substantial packs. After the entirety of this physical preparing has been done and passed agreeably the enroll would experience weapon preparing. The enroll would be requested to prepare with a round wickerwork shield, twice as substantial as those of administration weight, and utilize a wooden blade, like wise double the weight as ones in servi... <!

Implementation of the IOM Future of Nursing Report Essay - 3

Execution of the IOM Future of Nursing Report - Essay Example the RWJF and IOM is exceptionally useful in assessing the difficulties experienced by the nursing experts and establishing the framework for future advancement of the nursing calling (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation et al, 2011). Basically, the two organizations structure the essential structures on which techniques to build up the wellbeing division can be based. The report distinguishes the different difficulties experienced in the nursing calling. In such manner, the report gives a guide on how the legislature can mediate in settling the different issues confronting proficient medical caretakers and the whole wellbeing area. In addition, the report gives a diagram of the different elective methods for counterbalancing the numerous issues confronting the nursing calling. Along these lines, it tends to be seen that the report is an essential achievement in the change of the wellbeing part. Evidently, taking care of the issues confronting the whole nursing calling is the fundamental advance for change and, along these lines, the report fills in as the significant impetus for change. The examination distinguishes that the attendants ought to use their instruction and preparing ideally to help the nature of administrations and level of dependability. The administration spends colossal assets to encourage viable preparing of the nursing experts. In such manner, the medical caretakers ought to completely use the aptitudes procured to maintain a strategic distance from wastage of significant assets. In essence,â partial work of the aptitudes procured during the preparation time frame may bring about terrible showing and along these lines discolor the picture of the nursing calling. The report sets up that organization between the different experts in the wellbeing segment is a significant transformational device. In such manner, it very well may be recognized that the attendants should frame work environment relationship with clinical experts in the different territories of occupation. In any case, the administration ought to set up structures that encourage smooth communication of attendants and other clinical accomplices (Leininger, 2005).

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Teenage criminals - is it the parents essays

High school hoodlums - is it the guardians expositions High school hoodlums is it the guardians issue? The structure inside the family could decide the degree of misconduct an adolescent. Family connections, obligations, duties and the measure of control practiced over kids all assume jobs in shaping character and impacting conduct. The mentalities and activities of guardians can make a significant impact in the lives of youngsters. Families in emergency will in all likelihood have young hoodlums. One model is the single parent family setting, which is the aftereffect of separation or demise. As a rule, it comprises of a mother and youngsters living respectively. The mother thinks that its hard to offer help, and the without a father,the male kids doesn't have a grown-up male good example. Nonappearance of a parent could influence youth and how youngsters mingle. They feel substandard compared to their companions who have father love and resort to carrying out wrongdoings to get consideration. Another model is obsessive worker guardians who are too occupied to even consider taking consideration of their youngsters. They love them by giving them whatever cash can purchase yet are uninformed that their kids would prefer to invest more energy with them to those costly toys. After some time, their kids feel dismissed and are persuaded that their folks don't generally mind. They see that their folks are unconscious of their whereabouts and are probably going to do what they need, for example, spending time with the terrible group and violating the law. Numerous adolescent hoodlums experience childhood in families that utilization savagery to educate. Their folks would kick or rebuff them at a young age of two for committing an error and pull their ears when they don't hear them out. These maltreatment produce a staggering negative effect on the kids. They grow up believing that brutality pays off and fire pummeling individuals at whatever point they are miserable, landing themselves in a tough situation. Terrible parent-teenager connections additionally make young lawbreakers. During youthfulness, ... <!

Term Papers For Money

Term Papers For MoneySometimes we get term papers for money or maybe you just want to save up on a little cash. Everyone needs some type of income in order to survive and make ends meet but sometimes it just isn't enough to pay the bills. Even if you make a decent amount of money at your job it doesn't always cover all of your expenses.Sometimes the only way to get by is to do some work overtime or start working nights so that you can keep working. It is very common for students to take out loans to pay for books and food, things that they will use for years to come. What better way to pay back these loans than to take out some term papers for money?Using this method of repayment, you will be able to pay off your loans and use the available income to pay the others. This way you can have more disposable income and more money in your pocket to help with your bills. You will also find that you are not as stressed and worried about making ends meet because now you have some extra income coming in.Before starting you need to try and think of a way to save some time online. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to write a short outline of what you would like to accomplish. These outlines should be different for each term paper and you should ask yourself what you would like to achieve.Then look at what you need to accomplish next and then build from there. This will allow you to keep moving forward without getting stuck or having to repeat the whole process. By completing a few small term papers for money you will be able to see the end results before you start. You will be able to see if you are capable of doing what is required and you will be able to see how your finances will benefit from this method of repayment.Rememberthat it is important to spend time online to ensure that you accomplish all of the requirements. Once you finish the small term papers for money you will begin to see how much money you are making. Some of your obligations will show up in t he paper and you will need to make sure that you pay them off. You will be able to see what you are capable of doing next and where you are going to need to adjust your plans.As long as you follow some simple steps you should be fine. You need to make sure that you use the internet to help you become more efficient in accomplishing all of your obligations. You can still run errands and do all of the other normal things in life.In order to make sure that you are paying off all of your debts, you will need to have a loan. When you have a loan you can make your payments and use the money that you make to pay off your loans. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you are getting your money and your priorities in order.

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Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans - 1650 Words

Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans (Research Paper Sample) Content: UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIXChris WoolfordSTR/581January 27, 2014Clarence DoellingManaging a for-profit higher learning institution is quite different from managing an ordinary buying and selling business. Successfully steering University of Phoenix means that the organization will continually make profits as expected in any good business while effectively providing a competent work force for the worlds economy. To get this accomplished, a good strategy is required in order for the whole organization to run as a unit with every detail being accounted for (Rowley Sherman, 2001). The objective of this paper is to identify a suitable implementation plan, establish strategic controls, and create a reliable contingency plan for University of Phoenix. The fundamental root of having an effective strategic and implementation plan is to have a vision of what need to be accomplished (Rowley Sherman, 2001). The vision for University of Phoenix is to provide a high quality education f or students. According to sources, University of Phoenix has been condemned as being, a very low level of instruction (Dillon, 2007). Therefore, our vision is ensuring that students receive a high quality education. This will avoid these students being looked down after finishing school. Additionally, providing the best service for students will translate to higher admission and retention rate leading to increased profits (Rowley Sherman, 2001).The objective of any effective implementation plan is to turn the overall vision into action throughout the organization. Developing an effecting plan for University of Phoenix begins with establishing long-term objectives and cutting them down to short-term objectives that will be regularly monitored to make sure they are being met. The implementation plan will also include various milestones and a timeline for the administrators. In order to get this milestones achieved with ease, it is very important to structure compensation plans to pro vide the staff with appealing incentives to work hard toward achieving these goals (Rowley Sherman, 2001). Another important part of the implementation plan is to focus on resource management where financial resources will be prudently used to enhance the learning environment while still creating savings. The biggest objective of University of Phoenix will be enriching the students educational experience to better enable and equip them for success. That begins with restructuring the current curriculum to create a rigorous and empowering set of standards for students. In fact, sources indicate that the accreditation for the University has been quite an issue because of recent competition that other institutions have brought (Dillon, 2007). In fact, the universitys accreditation has been placed on notice several times, which has significantly hurt its public image.Improving student success will be a very important goal for the university. This will be accomplished by evaluating teach ers, class sizes, technology, student advising, and incorporating more applied learning experiences into the learning environment. Another objective for the University is the need to create more disciplines to provide for the current job market, which demands for many competitive and different talents. Currently, the University of Phoenix provides degree programs in business, information technology, accounting, management, and marketing. Additionally, it is crucial that the universitys resources are evaluated in order to invest in newer technology so that the university will better compete with similar institutions that are founded already equipped with state of the art technological learning equipment. As far as the learning curriculum goes, there needs to be a review in order to address curricular barriers to the success of the students. This will involve restructuring the curriculum to make it more rigorous to subject matter as well as more engaging to the students. As the unive rsity offers more degree programs, students will be allowed to personalize their degree by mixing different disciplines that they find interesting or helpful to them. Essentially, this will empower students to take control over their own learning environment while putting them in a position where they are engaging with their professors and advisors more often. This enables the universities acquire feedbacks from the students. Evaluating teachers will be a very important strategy. This is because, in order for the university to function as a unit, there needs to be an awareness of how every member of the institution is performing. Either assessing the students through a series of tests where they will be evaluated based on the learning curriculum given to the teacher. Additionally, the university can appoint external evaluators to sit in classrooms as teachers give instruction. Another effective way of evaluating teachers is by asking for student feedback. A group of students from ea ch class will be picked out and given questionnaires to fill out regarding the efficiency of the teachers in making topics in the classrooms understood. It is also important to notice that this is where awards will be given out to instructors who clearly show zeal to getting our short-term goals accomplished. Additionally, this is meant to give the teachers an incentive to be fully committed to our cause because the fruit of their dedication will be there for everyone to see.Improving the teacher-student ratio will be a very important subject to confront. For our on campus students, more instructors will definitely be hired to improve the ratio. In addition, more advisors will be hired in order to meet the challenge of increasing student-instructor communication. Consequently, due to the new degree programs mentioned above and the need for more classes, more financial resources will have to be allocated to build more classes and offices. Additionally, the issue of technology will be addressed here. Technology makes the learning environment more engaging and more importantly prepares the students for todays more digital working environments (Rowley Sherman, 2001). Integrating more applied learning into the university will be very helpful to the students. The majority of students who attend the University of Phoenix are working students. It is of great benefit to provide such individuals with applied learning opportunities such as internships where they will have an opportunity to not only get another job opportunity but also add reference to their curriculum vital. Additionally, integrating a global perspective to the academic programs will be of great use especially when incorporated with study abroad programs that will allow students to explore different perspectives around the globe while still working on their degrees (Rowley Sherman, 2001).When the internal changes are well rearranged and finished, it is very important to show to the community and the wo rld that this is a new University of Phoenix. The marketing strategy needs to portray the change in management, change in the curriculum, incorporation of new technology for learning, and new opportunities in applied learning in the country and globally. The new marketing strategy has to be bold, new and refreshing. Additionally, the marketing strategy will focus on the roots of the universitys foundation, which catered to working individuals rather than high school graduates.Action items in this strategy will be important because changes in the university will come from management to the university president and then filtered down to the instructors (Rowley Sherman, 2001). The university president will definitely have an item, which will have to do with the first and must do thing, which will be reviewing and addressing the curriculum for all the courses to be offered. Action items will be presented to the head of departments in the university, which will require them to submit de tailed information regarding their departments visions and the kind of tools they require in order to enhance the learning environment and to provide modern and more engaging instruction. The head of advising will also have an action item because they will immediately face the responsibility of overseeing the freshman orientation program. This new plan of making the students more involved will most effectively work with new students to the university because they are easier to mold compare to the other classes who have been at the university and are a bit more hesitant to assimilate to the new system. The head of advising will be responsible to for overseeing the transition of these students while making the observation known to management. As things get going, an important part of the implementation plan is, closely monitoring the progress of the short term to long-term goals that we have created. It is crucial to establish milestones that have to be achieved on time. Milestones ha ve to be put in short durations of time in order to better keep track of progress (Rowley Sherman, 2001). Perhaps the most important things to settle right away is creating a plan for new classes, advising offices, making technological additions wherever necessary and housing for the new degre...